American Spinal Injury Association (ASIA)- Motor Scoring

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American Spinal Injury Association (ASIA)- Motor Scoring
  • The ASIA classification consists of a motor and sensory evaluation. The motor evaluation examines 10 muscles on each side of the body. Each muscle's motor strength is graded with a maximum value of 5. A 0 is total paralysis. A 1 is visible/palpable contraction.

RIGHT grade

Segment Muscles Action to Test LEFT grade
0-5 C5 Biceps Flex Elbow 0-5
0-5 C6 Wrist Extensors Cock up wrist 0-5
0-5 C7 Triceps extend elbow 0-5
0-5 C8 Flexor Digitroum Profundus flex middle distal phalanx 0-5
0-5 T1 Hand Intrinsics abduct little finger 0-5
0-5 L2 Iliopsoas flex hip 0-5
0-5 L3 Quadriceps straighten knee 0-5
0-5 L4 Tibialis Anterior dorsiflex foot 0-5
0-5 L5 EHL dorsiflex big toe 0-5
0-5 S1 Gastrocnemius plantarflex foot 0-5
Up to 50 Points From Each Side
Grand Total of 100 Points Possible

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