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  1. Introduction  
  4. Join in!  

Welcome to the CNS NeuroWIKI, a part of the CNS University of Neurosurgery!

Thank you for coming! NeuroWIKI is an extension of the CNS University of Neurosurgery. We invite you to publish your review articles, clinical notes, pearls, and medical images on the site. With NeuroWIKI, any member of the CNS can contribute or edit articles. NeuroWIKI is written collaboratively by many of its reader, constantly improving NeuroWIKI, and all changes are recorded on the Recent Changes page.


  • Explore our Editorial Policy
  • Any CNS member can explore NeuroWIKI - just for browsing, for enriching your board review or for finding a quick to a specific subject.
  • ... but in order to more fully participate, you'll need to create a username. You can choose not to login, but if you enter any information into the CNS Wiki, only your IP address of your computer will be used as your log in name.

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