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  1. Comprised of factor VIII, XIII, fibrinogen, and von Willebrand’s factor; Indicated for use in treatment of von Willebrand’s, hypofibrinogenemia, dysfibrinogenemia, and factor XIII deficiency, uremia
    1. uremia causes platelets to aggregate poorly; may treat with DDAVP (.3 mg/kg)
    2. deficiency of factor XIII does not cause any abnormality in PT, PTT or bleeding time
  2. Hemophilia A is best treated with antihemophilic factor (AHF) because it is more pure than cryoprecipitate (it is also the preferred treatment in von Willibrand’s disease)
    1. in classic hemophilia (A) bleeding time is normal
    2. in von Willebrand’s disease the bleeding time is off the wall and the PTT is prolonged
  3. Usually infuse 10 bags of cryoprecipitate in patients who are acutely bleeding or undergoing surgery
  4. Cryoprecipitate can be used in intracerebral hemorrhage secondary to oral anticoagulant therapy or thrombolysis
  5. Cryoprecipitate is also used in fibrin glue (fibrinogen, thrombin, calcium)
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