Diabetic infections

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  1. Patients with DM have a greater frequency and severity of infections due to abnormalities in cell mediated immunity and phagocyte function associated with hyperglycemia as well as diminished vascularization in long standing diabetes
  2. Hyperglycemia aids in the colonization and growth of organisms such as Candida
  3. Almost exclusive diabetic infections
    1. mucormycosis
    2. malignant otitis externa (pseudomonas aeruginosa)
  4. common infections that occur more often in diabetics
    1. pneumonia, urinary tract infections, skin and soft tissue infections (including wound infections)
    2. gram negative organisms and staph aureus and TB are slightly more common in diabetics with these infections (diabetics have an increase in the rate of colonization of staph aureus in the skin folds and nares)
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