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Tumor Class Germ Cell Tumor
Survival >90% 5 year survival
Treatment Biopsy, Radiation
Histologic Features
Radiographic Features
  • i. Most common of the germ cell tumors (50%)
  • ii. Occur mostly in young patients 10-20 years around puberty
  • iii. Diabetes insipidus is commonly associated with a suprasellar germinoma
  • iv. May be negative for CSF markers that are available (AFP, beta-HCG, etc.)
  • v. Occur in the pineal and suprasellar regions
  • vi. Soft, friable well circumscribed masses
  • vii. Microscopically see groups of monotonous, plump round neoplastic cells with clear cytoplasm and prominent nucleoli surrounded by aggregates of reactive T lymphocytes
  • viii. Label with antibodies to placental alkaline phosphatase
  • ix. Hyperdense on nonenhanced CT, enhance strongly; MR signal usually like grey matter with good contrast enhancement
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