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Creating a Page

The easiest way to create a new page is to enter the name of the new page in the Search box on the left side of your screen. If the page doesn't exist, you'll be diverted to the Search page, which will have a link to the page with the message, "There is no page titled "neuroblastoma". You can create this page." "You can create this page" will be a red link, which you can then click to edit.

Alternatively, look around the wiki for a place where you can insert the link into an existing page, and insert it using the following code:

[[Insert Link Here]]

Naturally, replace "Insert Link Here" with the title of your new page. By following the resulting link you are brough to edit page, where you can start creating your page. For more information on creating links, see Help:Links.

Special case where this does not work are category pages. To add a new page to category the page has to be created before it can be added. For more information on categories and adding your pages to them, see Help:Categories.

If you're attempting to create your user page, remember that if you're logged in, there's always a link at the very top of your page that you can click to create your user page.

Editing and Formatting

Please note that the CNS Wiki has set your default editor to be a WYSIWYG editor (What you see is what you get). In order to format the text, you merely select the icon in the text editor window. In order to format your page with sections, you simply choose the heading type from the dropdown list.

Wiki Editor

The wiki editor is powerful and you may want to try using it. To change to the wiki editor, be sure you have created a user account and logged in. Go to "My preferences" on the upper right of the screen. Click on the editing tab. Uncheck WYSIWYG editor. Next, review the articles about wiki formatting.

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