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Uploading Media

Usually, you can upload media by clicking the "Upload File" link. This link can be found (If you are using the default layout) on the menu at the right, in the "toolbox", just beneath the search box. Uploading a file is very self explainatory. Click the "Browse" button to brows your computer for a file you wish to upload. When you've found the file, the Wiki should automatically fill the second box with the file's name, but you can change this if you feel like it. Remember the link to your file will be "Image:" + Whatever is in this second box (in the case of an image) or "Media:" + the text in the second box (in the case of other media).

Finally, if you wish, you can add comments. These will not affect the file in any way.


Sometimes there will already be a file with the same name of the file you are trying to upload. When this happens, you are presented with a link to the existing file, which you can click to view, and a choice of two options.

  • Save File - Clicking this button will over right the existing file, so it is highly recommended that you know what the existing file is before doing so.
  • Re-upload - Click this button to go back and specify a new name for the file, if you do not wish to overwrite the existing file.


To put an image in a wiki page, first it must be hosted somewhere. You can upload one to the wiki, and in fact, this is perfered. You'll need to have the image handy on your computer to upload it.

Placing An Uploaded Image

After you have the image, putting it in the page is a simple matter. Below is the code for placing an image uploaded to the wiki on a page, and the result.


Img upld.JPG

Alternatively, you can add a caption to an image, using a pipe. This text will appear when a user hovers thier mouse over the image.

[[Image:Img_upld.JPG|You are hovering over me!]]

You are hovering over me!

You can also add the image to a page as a thumbnail (smaller version) by following the code below. "thumb" tells the wiki the image is to be added as a thumbnail, and "100px" tells the wiki to make it 100 pixels wide.

[[Image:Img_upld.JPG|thumb|100px|Caption goes here]]
Caption goes here

As you can see, the above image is automatically shifted to the right. To align it to the left or center is, simply add "left" or "center" as show in the codes below.

[[Image:Img_upld.JPG|left|thumb|100px|Caption goes here]]
[[Image:Img_upld.JPG|center|thumb|100px|Caption goes here]]
Caption goes here
Caption goes here

There are a few more things you can do with images. Experiment!

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