Indications for Cerebral AVM Embolization

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Indications for Cerebral AVM Embolization:

1. Preoperative improvement of hemodynamics within and around AVM

2. Reduction of surgically-related blood loss during surgical resection

3. Closure of feeding vessels which are difficult to access surgically

4. Used in conjunction with stereotactic radiosurgery. While the timing and optimal role for embolization in patients undergoing radiosurgery is controversial, recent data suggest a benefit to performing radiosurgery prior to embolization rather than vice-versa. In this scenario, embolization may be used to address high-risk elements of the AVM (ie. Intranidal or flow-related aneurysms) in the post-radiosurgery latency period.

5. For cure - this represents an off-label use of Onyx and n-BCA

6. To seal a rupture site while patient recovers from hemorrhage

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