Pituitary adenoma

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  • i. Macroscopically, pituitary adenomas are soft and have a beige or cream color
  • ii. Microscopically, most adenomas consist of small, oval or polyhedral cells that may be in monotonous sheets or show a variety of cell types, nuclei are generally round or oval
  • iii. Dystrophic calcification and eosinophilic (amyloid) bodies are strongly associated with prolactinomas; long term treatment of prolactinomas with bromocriptine before surgical resection produces fibrosis
  • iv. The distribution of peptide containing cells in the adenohypophysis tends to be TSH anterior, GH and prolactin lateral and ACTH medial with FSH and LH distributed throughout
  • v. Pituitary adeomas are usually stained with pituitary hormone antibodies and synaptophysin but not vimentin or S-100
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