Segments of the ICA

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  1. C1: cervical
  2. C2: petrous
  3. C3: lacerum
  4. C4: cavernous
  5. C5: clinoid
  6. C6: ophthalmic
  7. C7: communicating

Greenberg MS, Handbook of Neurosurgery 6th ed. Thieme: 2006.

Alternatively, from Rhoton, AL "The Cerebrum" Neurosurgery July 2007 Supplement p. SHC-82

1) C1 - cervical - from bifurcation to external carotid orifice

2) C2 - petrous - within carotid canal to the cavernous sinus

3) C3 - cavernous - within the cavernous sinus

4) C4 - supraclinoid


opthalmic - from dura to origin of PCom

communicating - from PCom to anterior choroidal

choroidal - from anterior choroidal to bifurcation of ACA/MCA

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