Spine Tumor Epidemiology

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Extradural - most often metastatic or primary bone tumors

  • 50% of pediatric spine tumors
  • 20% of adult spine tumors

Intradural intramedullary

  • 40% of pediatric spine tumors, most often astrocytomas
  • 20% of adult spine tumors, most often ependymomas (majority within conus or filum terminale)

Intradual extramedullary

  • 10% of pediatric
  • 60% of adult spine tumors
  • Most often:
  1. Neurofibromas - no sex predilection, evently distributed throughout spine, 20% extradural
  2. Schwannomas - no sex predilection, evenly distributed throughout spine levels, 30% extradural
  3. Meningiomas - 4:1 female predilection, 80% in the T-spine, 10% extradural

Bernstein, M and Berger, M ed. Neuro-Oncology. New York: Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc, 2000.

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