Ventricular hemorrhage and aneurysms

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  1. Anterior cerebral and anterior communicating (Acomm) artery aneurysms
    1. may bleed into the 3rd ventricle or foramen of Monro causing hydrocephalus or may blow into the frontal lobe or hypothalamic region or internal capsule
    2. distal ACA aneurysms usually present with interhemispheric hematoma
    3. Acomm associated with rupture into the frontal horn
  2. middle cerebral artery aneurysms
    1. commonly cause intracerebral hematomas (more common than any other single aneurysm – 43%) but closer to the ICA an intracerebral hematoma is less common
    2. most commonly blow into the lateral ventricle (24% of MCA bifurcation aneurysms) and may be predictive of a bad outcome
    3. also associated with Sylvian fissure blood
  3. posterior communicating aneurysms
    1. most commonly rupture into the basal cisterns but can blow up into the third ventricle
  4. PICA, AICA, SCA aneurysms
    1. distal aneurysms in the posterior fossa may rupture into the 4th ventricle
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